Jill Layton
April 22, 2016 11:01 am

Today in new things that have caught our attention, there’s now an app for pregnancy testing. Because it’s 2016 and we are capable of so much more than peeing on a stick and waiting a few minutes! (But no, really guys, the future is now.)

Enter First Response’s pregnancy test app. According to Drug Store news, it’s an app that uses Bluetooth wireless technology to sync results directly with the user’s smartphone.

Naturally, we have questions, and we imagine you do too. So we did some digging.

1. How does it work?

First Response

Immediately after a woman’s urine hits the Pregnancy Pro stick, the app walks her through the three-minute waiting period. During that excruciatingly long wait (if you’ve ever tested for pregnancy, you understand), an alert pops up to confirm that the sample has been detected. A three minute countdown is then activated that lets the user know when the results are ready.

2. What’s in the app?

First Response

Aside from the countdown, the app offers “Entertain Me” options to help the user deal with the longest three minutes ever — from calming sounds and images to videos of cute puppies and kittens. Because if anything distracts from real life, it’s baby animals. GENIUS.

3. Why not just use YouTube videos as a distraction?

YouTube videos are free, and last time we checked there are definitely enough cute animal videos to last three minutes. But hey, options are also good, right?

4. How much does it cost?

The test retails between $15 and $22. Comparatively, the standard pregnancy test retails for as little as $9. The app is free though, so basically the user is be paying $7 or so extra to have access to the app.

5. So the app is only good on the day a woman is testing for pregnancy? That seems like a waste of app space. 

First Response

No. The app also has a system that helps determine a woman’s most fertile days. It also has the option to aid in pregnancy planning after she gets a positive result, which includes information about major milestones and updates about the baby’s growth.

6. The app seems like a jack of all trades. Can it predict the sex of the baby?

Okay, let’s not get crazy. But it can provide the estimated due date, just in case the user doesn’t feel like doing math.

7. This actually sounds pretty great. Could it be the pregnancy test of the future?

First Response

Maybe. If you’re curious, you can try it out yourself now. Just go to your app store and download “First Response App” by Church & Dwight Co.,Inc.