Blue Ivy Carter is a star—but you already knew that, didn’t you? As ruler of House Carter, the six-year-old is already a budding fashion icon, noted art collector, and youngest credited artist to crack the Billboard charts. And it seems we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her A-list talents.

According to Tina Knowles Lawson (aka Beyoncé’s mom), Blue is a natural performer—and has been for years. In an interview with Us Weekly, Lawson revealed that her granddaughter has been performing “since birth.” However, the designer and Instagram icon said Blue Ivy is still “undecided” as to whether she’ll formally follow her parents into the entertainment industry.

We know, we know—this probably just sounds like the words of a proud grandma (our grandmothers say the same thing about us). But we have a feeling this time, it’s true (what with Blue’s parents being two of the most talented humans on the planet and all).

If there’s one thing we’ve seen time and time (and time) again, it’s that the world is Blue Ivy Carter’s oyster, and we’re just glad to bear witness.