Even though Jay-Z and Beyoncé largely keep their three children out of the spotlight, they sometimes give us a peek into their family life—and we always feel blessed when they do. So, we were thrilled to see a brand new picture of the couple’s oldest child Blue Ivy as she rang in the new year with her mom and Megan Thee Stallion on January 1st. We can’t believe how grown-up she looks, and how much she looks like her mama. However, others drew negative comparisons between Blue Ivy and her dad, and this is not okay on any level.

Most fans on social media were loving the festive photo booth pictures of what some are calling “the Holy Trinity,” which Megan posted on her Instagram feed. But not everyone was so kind.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, two journalists mocked Blue Ivy’s appearance (remember, she’s 7 years old!).

According to screen grabs captured by fans, Vanity Fair film critic K. Austin Collins reportedly tweeted that he felt “sorry” for Blue Ivy for looking like her dad, adding that she’s “lucky–if it happens now, she’ll definitely grow out of it. Get the ugly duckling phase done early.”

Of course, criticizing anyone’s appearance—especially a child’s—is never okay, but this instance in particular is laced with racism and anti-blackness, as many Twitter users noted.

The journalists deleted their tweets, but not before fans caught on and expressed their feelings about these awful sentiments.


Collins has since apologized, tweeting, “I’m sorry about the Blue Ivy tweet—bad joke, and black girls in particular deserve better.” Lucca addressed the issue in a series of tweets, making a note about “structural racism,” adding separately, “There is nothing that I can say that won’t be written off or projected upon or dunked on, so I choose to say nothing.” false

Some argue that the apologies aren’t quite good enough. The damage has already been done—and not necessarily to Blue.

It should go without saying, but making fun of or commenting on the appearance of a child is a special kind of terrible. It’s a brand new decade, so let’s be better people and refrain from judging others’ looks.

Here’s hoping that Blue had a fabulous time at the party and that neither she nor her parents pay any mind to Twitter trolls like these two.