Bloomingdale’s just apologized for a very disturbing joke in their holiday catalog

‘Tis the season for holiday catalogs, and when the Bloomingdale’s issue recently hit mailboxes, it contained within its pages some very off-color ad copy.

The page in question features a man and woman standing side by side. She’s looking off-camera, tossing her head back and laughing. He stands to her right, staring at her with a disconcerting smirk. Between them, the text reads “Spike your BEST FRIEND’S eggnog when they’re not looking.”

It may have been meant as holiday humor, but it reads more like an unsettling attempt to make light of sexual assault. It wasn’t long before Twitter took notice and called out the retailer for its bizarre spread.

Yesterday, Bloomingdale’s issued an apology for the image:

Of course we’re glad that Bloomingdale’s acted swiftly and apologized, but we are left, along with a lot of the Internet, scratching our heads, trying to figure out how this ad was ever approved to begin with.

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