Blockbuster beer
Credit: 10 Barrel Brewing

Imagine this: It’s a Friday night in 1997 and your BFF comes over for a sleepover. Your mom takes you to Blockbuster to pick out a movie, and you cuddle up on the couch and wait for pizza to arrive. Sounds like the ideal weekend night, right? We may never get to experience that again, but now, there’s something that might help you cope with that movie renting nostalgia-shaped hole in your heart.

Bend, Oregon is home to the last surviving Blockbuster, and in honor of what has now become a major local landmark for ’90s kids, Bend-based 10 Barrel Brewing company is introducing a Blockbuster-themed beer called The Last Blockbuster.

According to a press release from the brewery, the beer “pairs perfectly with buttery theater popcorn and your favorite movie-sized chocolate with a light body, smooth finish, and hints of nostalgia.”

Yep, sounds like exactly what we need when the stresses of the adult world are too much and we need to be transported back to a simpler time when “a Blockbuster night” was still a thing.

For the record, the label on the beer is pretty cute, paying homage to that yellow and blue logo that always meant you were about to have a lit night renting Bring It On for the fifth time.

10 Barrel Brewing announced on Facebook that the Blockbuster beer will make its debut at a block party at—you guessed it—the last Blockbuster on September 21st.

“Come to the block party to taste the new beer, grab a bite to eat, and watch some hits on the big screen—with beer in hand, of course,” the Facebook event invite says.

If you’re in Oregon (or feel like taking a road trip to pay tribute to everyone’s favorite ’90s pastime), you should definitely go. It’s not often that we get the chance to relive our childhood, but this is the perfect opportunity.