Elena Sheppard
Updated Jun 07, 2016 @ 3:18 pm
Credit: Shutterstock/ Halfpoint

Blink Fitness is a chain of gyms and they’re asking a very important question: Why do you work out? The answer they’re hoping to spread is, “Do it for the mood not just the mirror.” We are totally in.

With this in mind they’ve started a new campaign that totally rocks: “Monday Without Mirrors.” The initiative is exactly what it sounds like: Every Monday, the mirrors in their Manhattan locations are all covered up. Blink’s Vice President of Marketing, Ellen Roggemann, told InStyle, “By covering the mirrors, we’re encouraging our members to take a stand with us and sign the mirror cover showing their support that exercise is about so much more than what we see in our reflection. With ‘swimsuit season’ getting into full swing, we want our members to shift their summer fitness goals to feeling healthy and confident versus chasing the perfect ‘summer body.'”

While we totally love this body positive message, we are also fully here for the focus on mental health. It’s 100% true that exercising can make your brain feel better. Exercise helps people manage both stress and anxiety, and if Legally Blonde taught us anything it’s that exercise also increases endorphins which help to boost our mood.


We totally love the message being sent by Blink. Exercise is important, but it’s important for way more than “bikini bodies” and gym selfies. We have our mood to tend to. And as Elle Woods so wisely said: “happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.”