Karen Belz
Updated Mar 08, 2018 @ 3:43 pm

What’s better than Blake Lively? Two Blake Livelys. Based on a cute shot the actress shared on Instagram, it’s clear that Blake Lively looks just like her mom. The similarities are uncanny, not to mention a solid reminder that genes are fascinating.

Blake posted the outdoorsy selfie she took with her mother, Elaine, on Instagram. They’re both bundled up and smiling proudly. It’s the first photo Blake’s shared in a couple weeks, which means it’s probably pretty special.

Here’s what we know about Elaine: She’s a talent manager who tried acting in the ’90s, and she lent her voice to a video game called Return to Zork. Elaine and Blake have a pretty special bond. Back in 2016, Blake — a noted fan of fashion — invited her mom to check out the Michael Kors runway show, and the two were spotted in the front row (awww).

And here’s that twin-worthy Insta post:


One of the reasons why we love Blake Lively so much? She seems super grounded. While she’s a majorly successful actress, she’s also a loving mom of two and is never afraid to get real and goofy with her followers (and also, totally burn husband Ryan Reynolds in Insta wars). So we’re happy to see her take a break and chill out with her mama.

Now, we officially think Blake should post a pic of her mom at 30 — we’re sure that would be really trippy.