Blake Lively is one of our favorite people to follow on Instagram. Her feed offers an endless supply of all the things we love: friendship, family, love, activism, and fashion. One minute she’s hanging out with Big Bird on the set of Sesame Street, and the next she’s throwing it back to the Gossip Girl pilot. And of course, we can’t forget all the times that she (playfully) burned her husband Ryan Reynolds.

Basically, whenever Blake Lively ‘Grams, we’re there to tap the “like” button. So when she decided to play a game with her followers, we were totally on board. On Sunday, April 29th, Lively set up a game of Hangman and asked, “Who wants to play??” She included the detective emoji for good measure, so you could tell she was serious. Her followers immediately started trying to solve the puzzle, and some of their guesses are really good.

Many thought the game of Hangman might be Lively’s way of announcing that she and Reynolds are expecting their third child.

“Baby reynolds no three,” guessed user natrag2310.

“Baby Reynolds on board?” wondered user judylouiseaalbers.

“Baby Reynolds in tummy,” tried user vandana.hegde.10.

“Baby Reynolds is coming,” ventured user ca_vw. (Which is a great guess, but the last word has one too many letters. So perhaps it’s “comin.”)

Even if it’s not a pregnancy announcement, Blake Lively’s followers are convinced that Ryan Reynolds is somehow involved.

It’s almost too perfect that his name fits in the first two word blanks.

“Ryan Reynolds is Thick ?” guessed user modestylefashiongoals, who clearly knows Lively’s history of expertly trolling her husband.

“Ryan Reynolds is funny,” tried user isabelronan.

But then, an hour later, she gave us our first clue: a “w.”

And it totally threw alllllll of those “Ryan Reynolds” guesses out the window. Or did it?

“Will Deadpool Be Legit?!” guessed user jnabernathy, keeping the Ryan Reynolds theme alive.

And now we have yet another clue.

A lot of her followers are guessing “What happens in Vegas,” but user yana.kochmola’s guess might make more sense: “What happens in Italy.” Lively appeared to be in Italy at the time of her posting the photo. She shared a picture on her Instagram Story around the same time of her posing in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

User camiv215 didn’t venture a guess, but still made a great point: “I bet it has something to do with the sisterhood 3rd movie.”

While we wait for Lively’s next clue, we’ll just sit here and take in all the possibilities.

It could be a personal announcement from her and Reynolds, it could be a friendly dig at Deadpool 2, it could be a nod to those Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants rumors, or it could be related to her upcoming movie, A Simple Favor. But there’s still one thing we’re dying to know: Is that the only “w” in the puzzle, or are there more? The possibilities are endless!

Give us another letter, Blake! Can we get a vowel?