Black Panther Box Office
Credit: Marvel Studios

Six weeks after pouncing onto the big screen, you’d think Black Panther would show signs of slowing down, but it proved, yet again, that it has no plans of leaving our radars anytime soon. Black Panther already shattered a number of box-office records (and is still thriving at the box office, frankly). And now, the superhero flick has clinched the title of being THE MOST TWEETED-ABOUT MOVIE OF. ALL. TIME.

Twitter released the data on Tuesday, March 20th, which indicates that Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther has been tweeted about more 35 million times — and counting. It has successfully knocked previous record-holder Star Wars: The Force Awakens down to second place, with Star Wars: The Last Jedi ranking third.

When you think about it, this isn’t at all surprising. The movie was straight-up FIRE after all…

But with the avalanche of posts, which ones got the most attention?

The third most popular retweet was Michelle Obama’s fangirling moment, in which she raved about how much she loved the film.

The second one was a clip of two mischief-makers trying to score the “two-for-one special” by showing up to the theaters wearing a long trench coat, Little Rascals style. Spoiler alert: It didn’t work, but it just goes to show the great lengths fans were willing to go to for the film.

And the most retweeted post came from none other than Kendrick Lamar when he dropped the release date and tracklist for the Black Panther album.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the most popular emojis that accompanied Black Panther tweets were 🔥, 👑, and 🖤. And honestly, SAME. As for which of the characters got the most Twitter love, they were Black Panther (obviously 👑), Killmonger (the greatest villain of all time, TBH 🔥), and Shuri (our favorite Disney Princess 🖤).

As the film is now being regarded as a cultural phenomenon, we’re glad that it’s blitzing through milestone after milestone. Wakanda forever? Wakanda forever!