C. Molly Smith
February 16, 2018 3:08 pm

WARNING: Black Panther spoilers lie ahead. Read on at your own risk!!!

If the internet has anything to say about it, Black Panther offers, perhaps, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s best villain yet in Erik Killmonger, played by the great Michael B. Jordan. Killmonger is complicated and layered, and there’s a depth to him (and his motivations) that’s giving fans a lot to chew on. And that’s when you know a character (and movie) is great, right? When you’re left thinking about choices made long after the credits roll?

Exactly, but Killmonger’s complicated nature also brings about a lot of questions — especially about his backstory. “Very little is known about Michael B. Jordan’s character, Erik Killmonger, when he’s introduced into the narrative but slowly fragments of his connection to Wakanda are revealed to T’Challa,” a press release describes, offering some insight. “Killmonger is a mercenary who is just as lethal as Ulysses Klaue, so with the pair now united against T’Challa, the stakes have grown exponentially.”

Of course, Black Panther *does* get into some of Killmonger’s backstory, especially where his father is concerned.

And I’d like to remind you again that THIS POST IS LOADED WITH SPOILERS.

We learn that Killmonger is the son of N’Jobu (Sterling K. Brown), who fell in love with a woman in the states and together, they had Killmonger (aka N’Jadaka). N’Jobu is the brother of T’Chaka, the former king of Wakanda who kills N’Jobu when he discovers that he’s selling vibranium, the precious and powerful metal that’s kept within their country. The killing sends Killmonger on a path toward attempting to take the Wakandan throne — so he can avenge his father, and use the power of vibranium to help oppressed people across the globe, like his father had originally intended.

Now, the film explores why T’Chaka left his nephew behind, but it makes you wonder — what about Killmonger’s mother?

What about the rest of his family? Was there no one else to take care of him?

These, of course, are the comics were talking about here, so take it with a grain of salt, but the information does help give a bit more insight into the villain we now love for, you know, being such a great villain.