There’s no denying it: Black Panther is one of the most successful movies ever. The box office confirms it. The pop culture fervor around the film during the opening weekend confirms it. But did you know that Black Panther was even more perfect than we all originally thought? Because it turns out that Donald Glover, comedian, actor and rapper, actually wrote some of the jokes in it the movie.

Over the weekend when Black Panther finally hit theaters, a few eagle-eyed moviegoers were left scratching their heads when Donald and his brother Stephen Glover are both listed in the Black Panther credits with a “special thanks” from director Ryan Coogler. That came about because he actually sent Donald and Ryan the script to “punch up.” Apparently Ryan, just like the rest of us, totally understands just how special and wonderful Donald’s mind is.

So now that we know that Donald had a hand in making Black Panther so incredibly awesome, we have only one question: What jokes did he write? Was he responsible for that classic meme shout out? Did he create Shuri’s precocious personality through all of her quotable lines? Ding ding ding!

Coogler revealed to Collider that the Glover brothers gave him some notes on a draft of the script right before the movie started to shoot, and all the parts they helped with focused on Shuri making fun of her brother T’Challa.

“Donald’s one of the funniest people that I know so he had some interesting ideas and Stephen’s crazy talented as well,” Coogler said. We couldn’t agree with that more.