Black Panther is officially heading to the Oscars. This morning, the Marvel movie made history as the first superhero movie to earn an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture. The film was nominated for a total of seven awards, including Best Original Song, Best Original Score, and Best Production Design (making production designer Hannah Beachler the first black woman to be nominated in the category). Black Panther is not only one of the most commercially successful films in Marvel’s expansive cinematic universe, but it’s now officially the most critically-acclaimed.

However, despite the film’s consistent inclusion in this year’s awards season—including Critics Choice and Golden Globes nominations—some online are disappointed Black Panther scored a Best Picture nom. Many detractors complained that the film is overrated. Others are mad because of a long-held grudge over Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, which was snubbed for a nomination in 2009.

However, while some lament Black Panther‘s momentous achievement, most of Twitter has no time for the negativity.


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The 2019 Oscars will be held on February 24th,and Black Panther will face off against A Star Is Born, Roma, BlacKkKlansman, Bohemian Rhapsody, Green Book, Vice, and The Favourite.