Gabriela Herstik
February 13, 2018 1:13 pm

February is a special month. Not only is it shorter than the rest with 28 days, and not only do we have Valentine’s Day to celebrate, but this year we have something extra cosmic happening as well. Yes, we did start out the year with two full supermoons in January, but this will affect our February as well. We don’t actually have a full moon this month. Instead, we have a Black Moon, which will affect all of the zodiac signs in the same way.

But what is a Black Moon?

A Black Moon occurs when there are two new moons in one month or when there are no new or full moons in February. A third new moon in a season with four new moons is also called a Black Moon. In our case, it means that this month we don’t have a full moon at all. So our next question is… how will that affect us?

Specifically, how will the Black Moon affect your zodiac sign?

The truth is, February’s Black Moon will probably affect all of us the same way, and the answer is by not affecting us very much at all. Since the full moon is a time of completion, we can see the Black Moon as a time of manifesting and starting new things, a lot like its counterpart the new moon (which, wait for it, is also known as the dark moon).

If you’ve been putting off a project, or looking for something to start, now is the time. Take that class, buy that website, make that business plan. We haven’t missed a full moon in February since 1999, so go for it. No time to waste, so focus on manifesting and the universe is sure to meet you halfway.