san junipero black mirror
Credit: Netflix

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Black Mirror and thought, “but I need more San Junipero in my life,” well, you’re in luck! Bloomberg reported that Netflix is planning several upcoming choose-your-own-adventure movies and TV episodes, and while most of these forthcoming specials are still shrouded in secrecy, the streaming service did reveal that Black Mirror‘s fifth season will include one choose-your-own-adventure episode.

This is definitely a cool idea, but it also seems exhausting. Most of us seek out television shows to have a passive and relaxing viewing experience. Also, why not let the creative minds behind the show choose the best possible story? That said, Black Mirror is a show about technology—so what better series for an experiment with interactive storytelling?

The other choose-your-own-adventure projects are said to be adaptations of video games, and like Black Mirror, they will be aimed at adult viewers. Netflix’s current interactive series (i.e. Puss In Boots and Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout) are children’s shows and feel much more like games than stories.

Currently, Twitter has mixed emotions about the news.


Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker has yet to speak publicly on the news, though Bloomberg‘s sources said that the show’s writers and directors are still figuring out what the extra work means for their paychecks.

Currently, narrative television shows with an interactive element have yet to take off. HBO tried it out with the recent Steven Soderbergh-directed mini-series Mosaic; however, the reviews were mixed, and FastCompany even called the interactive element “confusing.”

Black Mirror Season 5 premieres this December.