Are they mint and white? Or pink and white? Or both?

Olivia Harvey
Oct 19, 2020 @ 10:53 am
billie eilish sneakers optical illusion
Credit: TOLGA AKMEN, Getty Images

Remember way back in the before times of 2015 when a grainy picture of a striped dress was uploaded to the internet and nearly caused World War III? Some argued it was blue and black and others said pink and white, yadda yadda yadda. Well, Billie Eilish reignited the old flame of The Dress and caused an uproar over what color her Nike Air More Uptempo sneakers are—she's saying they're mint and white, but fans beg to differ.

The war over the Nike Airs began at home when Eilish's father commented on her alleged pink-and-white sneakers. Eilish said they're actually mint green and white. Then it appears Eilish's mother sided with team Dad, which caused Eilish to go on Instagram on October 18th and get a second opinion.

"I don't care what you think they look like, I care what they are," Eilish said in Instagram Story, claiming the "whole internet is gaslighting her" into thinking her mint sneakers are actually pink and white.

We hate to not be on Eilish's side about this, but the first piece of evidence we're presented with reads pink and white to us...

billie eilish sneaker
Credit: @billieeilish, Instagram

Though, when compared to another pair of Nike sneakers that are supposedly white (though come off as light pink in the below image), it's easier to see the mint Eilish was talking about. Although those AIR letters still look pink—we're not getting white at all.

billie eilish sneakers
Credit: @billieeilish, Instagram

It isn't until Eilish brings the sneakers outside and compares them to another white sneaker that can we start to see the green sneaker with white lettering.

billie eilish sneakers
Credit: @billieeilish, Instagram

"There are bigger problems in the world," her mother says offscreen during a clip in Eilish's Instagram Story to which Eilish responds, "you got me there."

Sure, there are bigger problems, Mom. But, we're a color conundrum really turns the internet against each other (and themselves!). Fans took to Twitter to express their concern for their own potential color blindness.

Nike will tell you that those shoes are mint with white lettering, but we think the company had something else up their sleeves when they released these sneakers. Finally, they're seeing their social experiment come to fruition, and just like The Dress that came before them, these sneakers may just cause mass anarchy.