"We all have to vote like our lives and the world depend on it, because they do."

Arielle Tschinkel
Aug 20, 2020 @ 10:17 am
billie eilish dnc performance
Credit: Jeff Kravitz, Getty Images

Pop phenom Billie Eilish appeared during the third night of this year’s Democratic National Convention, performing her new song, “My Future” for the first time. But ahead of her performance, she issued an impassioned plea to all Americans: “Vote like our lives depend on it.”

In her speech, Eilish directly called out President Trump and urged listeners to register to vote if they haven’t already.

“You don't need me to tell you things are a mess. Donald Trump is destroying our country and everything we care about. We need leaders who will solve problems like climate change and COVID, not deny them, leaders who will fight against systemic racism and inequality," she said. "And that starts by voting for someone who understands how much is at stake. Someone who's building a team that shares our values."

Her actionable solution for those listening is simple: Vote. “It starts with voting against Donald Trump and for Joe Biden," she said. "Silence is not an option and we cannot sit this one out. We all have to vote like our lives and the world depend on it, because they do."

"The only way to be certain of the future is to make it ourselves," Eilish said. "Please register. Please vote."

In a tweet immediately after her speech, she also shared a link to her official website, which is highlighting several organizations working to help increase voter turnout, including The NAACP Civic Engagement Program, Rock the Vote, and more. She notes that supporting those organizations is a great starting point—after you’ve registered to vote (which you can do here.)

Eilish then moved to her keyboard to perform “My Future” for the first time, giving us goosebumps as per usual.

Don’t mind us if we’re here watching her performance on a loop today—along with double- and triple-checking our voter registration status because it really is the most important (and easiest!) thing we can do to ensure a better future for all of us.