Anna Sheffer
March 11, 2019 10:47 am

Growing up, nothing made a school day better than a viewing of Bill Nye the Science Guy. The academically minded (and super entertaining) host was definitely one of our childhood heroes. So when he surprised one of our present-day heroes, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, at SXSW 2019, it felt like our worlds were colliding—in the best way possible. On March 9th—the second day of the festival—the freshman representative gave an interview with The Intercept’s senior politics editor Briahna Gray. During a Q&A session after her talk, the science guy himself made an unexpected appearance to ask about climate change and fear.

A video posted by TicToc via Bloomberg captured the look of shock and joy on Ocasio-Cortez’s face when Nye stood up in the audience. After the cheers died down, he posed his question to the representative.

In her answer, the congresswoman advocated rejecting “the logic that says someone else’s gain necessitates my loss and that my gain must necessitate someone else’s loss.” She urged those in attendance to take action by calling their elected officials, and she ended with a call for courage.

Watch the whole exchange below.

That wasn’t the only interaction that Nye and Ocasio-Cortez shared. Later that night, the science guy tweeted a selfie of the two of them.

Honestly, Nye and Ocasio-Cortez are our new favorite duo. We know they’re both busy, but any chance we could get them to host a climate change-focused TV show someday? Okay, maybe just a special?