Anna Sheffer
Updated May 13, 2019

We’ve always been able to turn to Bill Nye the Science Guy when we need complicated scientific ideas explained. Even now, he’s dedicated to educating the public about all things science-related, particularly the need to address climate change. So when he showed up on Last Week Tonight to talk global warming, we weren’t surprised—until the Science Guy we know and love dropped a couple of F-bombs in service to the cause.

John Oliver covered climate change and the Green New Deal on the May 12th episode of Last Week Tonight. Specifically, the comedian focused on carbon pricing—a plan to give people financial incentives to emit less greenhouse gases—and he recruited Nye to help viewers visualize the concept.

As if hearing the Science Guy swear weren’t enough of a wake-up call, he punctuated his point by torching a globe.

Watch Nye tell it like it is below:

Twitter users pointed out that if Nye is swearing, things must really be bad.

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We hear you, Bill. Loud and clear.