Karen Belz
Updated February 22, 2018 8:51 am

It’s a common game on The Price Is Right, and typically, contestants do fairly well. But after admitting that he hasn’t gone to the grocery store in a pretty long time, billionaire Bill Gates tried to guess the price of pizza rolls and other standard groceries, and — well — he failed miserably. The good news is that Gates is an amazingly charitable guy, so we can forgive him for this freezer-aisle flub.

The game, which took place on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, was called “Bill’s Grocery Bills,” and DeGeneres said she’d give her audience members a prize if Gates guessed the correct price for at least three out of five grocery items.

Gates, founder of the Microsoft Corporation, is reportedly worth 91.5 billion dollars, and he was the youngest person in history to become a billionaire. So TBH, we’re honestly not all that surprised he doesn’t know how much a lot of everyday items cost.

At least he has a healthy sense of humor about it.

Gates originally guessed that the price of Totino’s pizza rolls — a staple in many of our households — cost $22. After hearing the audience’s groans, he lowered his guess down to $15. The final number? $8.98.

He also wildly undervalued Tide Pods and severely overvalued TGIF-brand spinach dip.

While Gates might not be great at guessing everyday grocery prices, he is great at donating his massive fortune to worthy causes. He and his wife Melinda have invested 40 billion dollars into world healthcare for children, and they are also working to improve the U.S. public schooling system.

So we’ll give him a break on this whole Totino’s thing.