Toria Sheffield
Updated December 18, 2018

Breakups suck, which is why we’re sending so many hugs to Mayim Bialik today. In a Tuesday, December 18th post on her blog, The Big Bang Theory actress revealed that she and her boyfriend of five years recently split—and it doesn’t sound like it was a mutual decision (been there).

“My love story is nothing particularly exceptional,” she wrote. “I mean, he was—er, is. I was an exceptional iteration of myself with him. For five years in fact. And now it’s over. If ever there were a story that should have ended not like this, I feel this might be it. But he has his own will and much as I wish I could control his will, I cannot. And so here we are.”

Bialik went on to admit that breaking up right before the holidays definitely doesn’t feel good, and also that she was hoping she and her now ex were going to take things to the next level sometime soon.

However, ever the wise woman she is, Bialik noted that she views this as just one step on a much longer and unknowable spiritual journey. And she even provided useful and concrete tips for others who might be experiencing heartache around this time of year. She recommended things like exercise (“it helps elevate happy chemicals in your brain”), avoiding constant stimulation (“You’re likely to feel things. It’s important. Don’t run from feelings; you can’t just shove them down”), and knowing your limits (“I can’t go to every bloody holiday party alone […] and that’s okay”).

The actress-turned-neuroscientist (turned actress again) also urged anyone who is feeling sad right now to try to seek perspective. “All over the world, people are suffering and in need. We can get through this season alone,” she wrote.

Anyone who has ever been through a major breakup knows that it can rock you to your core, but we’re glad Bialik knows she’s not alone—and is even trying to help others during what seems to be an extremely difficult time. So thanks for the words of encouragement, lady. We hope you’re doing okay, and we’re sending healing vibes your way.