While there were many jaw-dropping performances at 2018’s Coachella (we’re looking at you, Cardi B), the most spectacular of all was Beyoncé. Having joined the lineup again after backing out in 2017 due to her pregnancy, she showed the crowd that, yes, she’s called queen for a reason. The almost two-hour performance included epic choreography, iconic cameos, and a freaking marching band. Yet apparently, Bey was still surprised that so many people dug it.

“I was supposed to perform at Coachella before, but I ended up getting pregnant. So I had time to dream and dream and dream with two beautiful souls in my belly, and I dreamed up this performance,” she reportedly said to the crowd.

The performance entailed five costume changes and also featured appearances by husband Jay-Z, sister Solange, and the band that introduced her to the spotlight — Destiny’s Child. And fans were BLOWN AWAY. false

So we’re surprised she didn’t realize it’d be so earth-shattering.

Chris Grant, another choreographer who’s worked extensively with Beyoncé, also noted that the singer said, “I guess we did our job.”

Bey — we’d say that’s an understatement. And we find it incredibly endearing that the music icon ever had a doubt the show would make such an impact. That’s some queen-level humility right there.