Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s joint On the Run IItour is now fully underway, and by all accounts, the two artists have created a show-stopping live performance featuring powerful storytelling and dazzling technical effects. But even the best shows sometimes experience technical difficulties, and On the Run IIis no exception. Recently, a stage malfunction left the show’s stars stranded in mid-air — but Queen Bey kept her composure.

Billboard reported that at the end of the June 30th On the Run IIstop in Warsaw, Poland, the floating stage carrying both Beyoncé and Jay-Z stopped working, leaving the two performers stuck as the credits began rolling. After a couple of minutes, it became clear to the audience that the situation wasn’t planned.

But Beyoncé is not one to let an unexpected mishap ruin her show. While waiting to be rescued, she busted out some impromptu dance moves to cheering fans. Throughout the situation, she kept her cool — like the queen she is — and before long, she and Jay-Z were back on solid ground.

YouTube user Kuba Kuca caught the debacle on film.

On the Run IIstill has two weeks left in Europe before Jay-Z and Beyoncé return to the States. And once the tour crosses the Atlantic, the couple will perform until the beginning of October. No matter what happens, we know that this power pair will always make sure the show goes on.