Olivia Harvey
Updated June 06, 2019 8:33 am

Picture, if you will, being blessed with the opportunity to sit courtside at the Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors basketball game next to Beyoncé. And then picture yourself leaning over the queen to talk to her husband Jay-Z as if Beyoncé was some sort of commoner. Can you? If we ever (unwittingly) did that, we would turn ourselves in to the nearest police station and ask for a life sentence. But one woman at last night’s game didn’t find such behavior odd in the slightest—though if she had taken a moment to look at Bey’s face, she would have gotten the hint.

And in a post-Lemonade world? Bold!

The clip of Queen Bey being visibly annoyed quickly went viral, and Twitter stepped up to the plate to provide our queen with the memes she needs. Her slowly fading smile says it all.

Is there still room on the Mars mission, or…?

No offense, but honestly, true. So maybe a little offense.


Please turn your attention to the slight shove at the end of the clip.

It’s the moment we knew this lady was about to become a missing person in Oakland.


Okay, okay, there’s probably no real shade here. The woman is Nicole Curren, the wife of Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob. Curren posted a pic on Instagram from last night’s game of the two sitting next to each other.

We’re all probably just reading into Bey’s reaction too hard. For all we know, the two women could be good friends. But the memes are just too good to quit. false

Let this be a lesson to everyone: Don’t you dare lean over Beyoncé—especially to talk to Jay-Z, of all people.