Woah, woah, woah—did Beyoncé just release another surprise album? Fans had a major freakout on Thursday night, December 20th, when two 10-track albums appeared on Spotify and Apple Music under the name “Queen Carter.” But there was something fishy about the “new” tunes. Apparently, the real Queen Carter had nothing to do with the drop and there’s now a streaming-site conspiracy in the works. According to The Guardian, the two Queen Carter projects were compilations of the artist’s old work and unreleased demos. One track was titled, “Hey Goldmember,” which true stans know is from Beyoncé’s 2002 film debut in Austin Powers in Goldmember.

We should have known something was up from the get-go. If and when Bey releases new music, it always hits hubby Jay-Z’s streaming site TIDAL first. However, we’re admittedly eager to forget the facts when we think new Bey tracks are a click away.

Within a matter of hours, members of the Bey Hive quickly went from this:


To this:

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Neither Spotify nor Apple Music have responded to the unauthorized leaks, and according to the Beyoncé fan Twitter account, @thebeyoncehub, Bey’s legal team may be seeking “registrar information” for the person who leaked the tracks. false

However, it should be noted that this document has not been verified (but honestly, if you mess with the big dogs, expect to get bitten).

R&B artist SZA was also affected by a strange leak yesterday, December 20th. An album called Comethru, credited to Sister Solana, was dropped on the same streaming sites. SZA quickly clarified that the tracks on Comethru are “random scratches from 2015” via her Instagram Story.

Credit: SZA /

So, unfortunately, this Beyoncé drop was too good to be true. We’re sad, but at least we were reminded of those vintage Beyoncé classics.