The Duchess of Sussex has finally met Queen Bey. On July 14th, Meghan Markle and Beyoncé met at the European premiere of The Lion King at London’s Leicester Square, along with their respective husbands, Prince Harry and Jay Z. And, we’re not sure, but we think this meeting of the minds may have initiated world peace.

Since hearing earlier this month that Prince Harry would attend the European premiere of The Lion King, fans have been speculating if the two “royal” families would finally meet, since Beyoncé voices Nala in the film. The four were photographed together on the red carpet exchanging hugs and, according to royal reporter Rebecca English’s videos from the event, talking briefly about their children.

“The baby is so beautiful. We love you guys,” Beyoncé can be heard saying to Meghan and Prince Harry. Harry then asked about the Carters’ twins, Rumi and Sir. “The best advice I can give you [is to] always find time for yourself,” Jay Z told the new royal parents, according to English.

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Bey and Jay have been open about their fondness for Markle in the past. The couple even posed in front of a portrait of the duchess for their acceptance speech at the 2019 BRIT Awards in February.

Beyonce later explained on Instagram why she and Jay Z chose to celebrate Markle during their speech. “In honor of Black History Month,” she wrote, “we bow down to one of our Melanated Monas. Congrats on your pregnancy! We wish you so much joy.”

And back before Meghan became an “American princess,” she used lyrics from Beyoncé’s “Formation” in her Instagram captions. She is literally one of us.

Not only are Harry and Meghan noted fans of Beyoncé, their The Lion King love runs deep. Sir Elton John, a friend to Harry’s late mother Princess Diana, performed “Circle of Life” at their wedding reception in May 2018. We have a feeling both Harry and Meghan were fanboying/girling out over the entire event.

This embrace is really too much to handle right now.

Is this the beginning of a beautiful royal friendship?

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The Lion King hits theaters July 18th. No promises, however, that you’ll spot either royal couple on your way into the movie.