Beyoncé’s ultra-long braid has been a signature during her and Jay Z’s On The Run II tour. And while we already know that Beyoncé can handle any stage malfunction that might come her way, we never would have imagined that her beloved braid would be the thing to betray her.

Fans who attended the concert on July 30th said Beyoncé’s waist-length braid got caught in her earrings during one of her performances. It reportedly took upwards of five minutes to untangle. The “Formation” singer promptly cut the braid off during her next costume change. Her Beyhive was shocked.

Fans couldn’t stop talking about Beyoncé’s mid-show haircut, and we don’t blame them.

This is the kind of commitment that makes ticket prices worth every penny.

However, Beyoncé’s hairstylist, Neal Farinah, shared some good news on his Instagram. He wrote, “Braid is back bishhess!!!!!”

That’s right. On July 31st, a day after the big chop, Farinah posted a series of photos of Beyoncé.

In these pictures, you can see Beyoncé’s glorious long braid is back.

For now, it looks like Bey’s braid is here to stay.