The September 2018 issue of Vogue just dropped, and its cover star is none other than Beyoncé, who reportedly also had unprecedented creative control over the issue. In the cover story, released today, August 6th, Queen Bey addressed everything from her pregnancy with twins Sir and Rumi to her iconic Coachella performance. And in one of the most eye-opening portions of her interview, the singer revealed what she considers to be the “generational curses” faced by women in her family.

Beyoncé talked about her family’s history and her “lineage of broken male-female relationships.” But the singer said that knowing her family’s difficult history has helped her break the cycle for the future.

The singer went on to explain that in researching her genealogy, she learned that one of her ancestors was a slave owner who “fell in love with and married a slave.” She said it was difficult for her to process this information and that she had “questioned what it meant and tried to put it in perspective.” Ultimately, she said that she was hopeful her children would be able to escape a toxic cycle of love marred by oppressive power dynamics.

The Lemonade singer noted that she hopes to raise her son to “have a high emotional IQ” to help reverse historical gender dynamics. We believe in you, Bey, and we thank you for shining light on this important issue.