Sometimes reboot culture is a good thing. Amid the slew of ’90s shows returning to television right now, news just dropped that ABC Studios and Sony Pictures Television are reimagining the ’60s cult classic Bewitched. What’s more, the iconic series will have one important update: an interracial Samantha and Darrin. We haven’t been this excited for a witchy reboot since we heard about the Charmed revival…and, okay, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

What’s more, Variety reports that Black-ish creator Kenya Barris is on board to write and produce the show’s pilot, so it’s bound to be original and breathlessly funny. Yamara Taylor, a Black-ish writer and producer, will also serve as co-writer on the pilot.

The new Bewitched will be a half-hour “single camera” comedy. The basic premise will stay the same, with a witch who marries a mortal man—but Samantha will be played by an African-American working woman and Darrin will be a white (and less than ambitious) man.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Not only is this an amazing move from a diversity and inclusivity perspective, but it will also enhance the plot and storylines tenfold. As fans of the original Bewitched know, much of the comedy and central conflicts in the series drew from the differences between Samantha and Darrin, and how they live in two different worlds: One magical and one mortal. The updated premise takes that concept and brings it squarely into 2018.

We seriously hope this pilot gets picked up.