Cardi B
Credit: Funny or Die

After two long years of hiatus, Zach Galifianakis’s spoof talk show Between Two Ferns is back! The Funny Or Die web series released a new episode featuring special guests Jerry Seinfeld and Cardi B, in the show’s first installment since Galifianakis interviewed Hillary Clinton back in 2016. And boy, was it a glorious return.

In true Between Two Ferns fashion, Galifianakis channeled his obnoxious interviewer persona and pulled all the stops to poke fun at Seinfeld. On top of labeling him as “Funny 1993 to 1997,” Zach quipped about the show Seinfeld being “a real launching pad for whites” and took a jab at Seinfeld’s Netflix series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: “You have Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, James Corden has Carpool Karaoke. What’s next in lazy car-based non-comedy?”

He also roasted Seinfeld’s involvement in the 2007 animated film Bee Movie, “Don’t you think it should’ve been called D Minus Movie?” To which Seinfeld retorted, “It’s called Bee Movie because it’s about bees. But it was the number one movie when it came out, so I had that feeling which you had in the first Hangover.”

And then Galifianakis brought out a “better guest,” which was none other than Cardi B.

Momentarily, Zach jettisoned his impish persona to throw praise at Cardi B. “You are special,” he said, “but the most important thing is you’re relevant.” He even gave her a present: A pink “gender neutral” onesie for her baby. (Not even Barack Obama got this kind of special treatment.)

Before walking off stage, Cardi B hugged Zach goodbye and avoided Seinfeld’s offer of an embrace, which is “the opposite of what happened with Kesha,” as he pointed out. LOL.

Watch the hilarious interview below:

To echo Galifianakis, Cardi B, you are special. And, Jerry Seinfeld, you’re not so bad yourself.