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Best March For Our Lives shirts
Credit: Etsy

On Saturday, March 24th, thousands of people throughout the United States will participate in March For Our Lives rallies and protests to demand stricter gun control laws. No matter where you are, it’s going to be an incredibly important day, and if there was ever a time to speak up about something political, this would be it. One way to get your thoughts out there is to wear them on a T-shirt. We’ve compiled some of the best March For Our Lives shirts that you might want to wear this weekend — or, frankly, any time.

The March For Our Lives movement was organized by survivors of the school shooting that left 17 dead in Parkland, Florida. Those survivors were tired of standing by and watching gun violence take the lives of their friends and other innocent students. They spoke out, they organized protests, and they used social media for good, eventually planning the March For Our Lives rally. The movement has gotten huge, and we’ll see just how impactful it will be on Saturday.

The students of Parkland, Florida recognized that they have a chance to change things, and that’s exactly what they’re trying to do. And with the recent school shooting at Great Mills high school in Maryland, it’s more clear than ever that something needs to be done with gun control laws in this country.

Here are a few the best March For Our Lives shirts that will inspire you — and hopefully others.

Let these shirts do some of the talking for you.

1“We Call B.S.” shirt

Credit: March For Our Lives

This simple but straightforward quote says it all. Buy this from the March For Our Lives site for $24.99.

2“Never Again” shirt

Credit: Etsy

Because this kind of tragedy should never happen again. Buy this from Etsy for $13.56.

3Emma Gonzalez shirt

Credit: Red Bubble

Emma Gonzalez became one of the most recognizable faces of the March For Our Lives movement, and this shirt is a tribute to her. Buy this from RedBubble for $19.50.

4“Protect Kids, Not Guns” shirt

Credit: Etsy

Really, why does this need to be said so often? Buy this from Etsy for $18.27.

5“Policy and Change” shirt

Credit: Etsy

Show the nation that you’re sick of hearing about “thoughts and prayers” that do nothing to change the way things are. Buy this from Etsy for $22.95.

6Change shirt

Credit: Amazon

March For Our Lives is incredibly important — and this shirt explains that. Buy this from Amazon for $13.99.

7Books not guns shirt

Credit: Etsy

This is a reminder that many of the people getting hurt by gun violence are innocent kids who are in school trying to learn. Buy this from Etsy for $19.99.

8Gun control shirt

Best March For Our Lives shirts
Credit: Etsy

Whenever gun control is brought up, someone inevitably says something about how “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Respond to that with this tee. Buy this from Etsy for $15.

9Teacher shirt

Credit: TeeShirt Palace

If you’re a teacher attending a protest, this shirt is perfect for you. Buy this from TeeShirt Palace for $19.99.

10March for their lives shirt

Credit: Etsy

Remember and honor the 17 students who died in Parkland, Florida with this shirt. Buy it from Etsy for $21.99.

11Second amendment shirt

Credit: Etsy

This is pretty straightforward — it’s time to change the way things are. Buy this from Etsy for $22.

12Republican senator shirt

Credit: Etsy

Take a stand against Republicans with this statement shirt. Buy this from Etsy for $21.99.

13“March for those who can’t” shirt

Credit: Etsy

This is another reminder of the reason for the protests: innocent lives were lost for no reason. Buy this from Etsy for $17.

14Parents shirt

Credit: Etsy

For all of the moms and dads protesting, this shirt says it pretty well. Buy this from Etsy for $17.99.

Remember: you can wear these whenever you want, not just for a march. The best March For Our Lives shirts make a strong statement, and we need as many of those as we can get right now!