Anna Sheffer
Updated Jun 19, 2019 @ 9:31 am

Nude photo hacks inevitably lead to discussions about privacy and security—which unfortunately sometimes involve victim-blaming. A hacker recently threatened to release Bella Thorne’s topless photos, so the actress preemptively shared the pictures herself. Thorne wrote on social media that she was taking her “power back,” but The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg said that she should never have taken nude photos. And now, Thorne is calling out Goldberg.

On the June 17th episode of The View, the co-hosts discussed the hacked photos, and Goldberg argued that, for celebrities especially, having nude photos is a security liability.

In a June 18th Instagram Story, the actress responded, writing in a note that she was “displeased and saddened” by what Goldberg had said. She added that blaming victims of nude photo leaks was “sick and honestly disgusting.”

Credit: @bellathorne, Instagram

Thorne also shared a video of her crying as she addressed Goldberg. She said she was scheduled to appear on The View but would drop out because she didn’t want to be “beaten down by a bunch of older women.” She added that Goldberg’s comments had made her feel bad, and emphasized that this attitude could have a devastating effect on other young people in the same situation.

To be clear, only hackers are to blame for leaked nude photos. No one should be shamed for their decision to take photos of their body. We’re sending all of our support Thorne’s way.

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