Anna Sheffer
Updated Jun 17, 2019 @ 10:46 am

It’s always a huge invasion of privacy when hackers leak anyone’s nude photos, and unfortunately, women, in particular, are often targeted. Recently, a hacker threatened Bella Thorne with her own topless photos, so she decided to take her “power back” by sharing them before he could.

On June 15th, Thorne tweeted a series of text messages she had received that contained nude photos of her. In one of the text exchanges, she told the hacker that it felt weird to have “someone I don’t know looking at my personal shit.” The actress also shared a message about what happened, in which she explained that she had been hacked on June 14th.

Thorne added that the hacker had sent her pictures of other celebrities as well. Then she explained why she tweeted the texts with her nude photos. (To protect her privacy, we won’t embed the photos here.)

She continued:

Credit: @bellathorne, Twitter

It’s scary and frustrating that a hacker managed to get Thorne’s private photos. And while her response was courageous, she should never have had to face this situation. We’re sending so much love her way today.