Millions of women all over the world wanted to trade places with fictional character Bella Swan during the mid-2000s. Now, they can finally live in her shoes. Or at least in her house. That’s right: Bella’s house from the first Twilight movie is up for sale. So you can move to Forks just like she did. Well, sort of.

The Twilight films took place in Forks, Washington. But the house, which served as a major filming location in the first movie, is actually located in St. Helens, Oregon. It was later recreated on a sound stage for the subsequent films in the franchise. For the ultimate Twilight fan, living in Bella’s old house would be priceless. But the four-bedroom, two-bathroom home is currently on the market for the pretty reasonable price of $349,900.

In the first Twilight film, Bella (Kristen Stewart) moved into the house with her father, Forks police chief Charlie Swan (Billy Burke). Throughout the film, the house serves as the location for many major scenes, from Bella learning *all* about vampires to the infamous scene where Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) watches her sleep. Luckily, the real-life occupants won’t have to worry about stray vampires.

The house’s real-life owner, Dean Koenig, revealed to USA Today that the Twilight production crew made some changes to the house before filming began. But the family kept the changes, and the home remains exactly how it looks in the 2008 movie.

While Koenig admitted that Twilight fans come to see the home, he and his wife have embraced their house’s fame to an extent.

You can live your best Bella Swan life for $349,900.