It’s only March, but this year has already had its fair share of heartbreaking celebrity breakups. After a little over two years together, musician Zayn Malik and model Gigi Hadid broke up. Both announced the split with statements on social media, and many fans were shocked by the news.

As the two are both big on Instagram — often posting multiple times per day — people couldn’t help but look for clues about what may have happened. Shortly before the breakup announcement, Zayn posted a photo with somewhat of a “sour” caption, which many now assume was a nod to what happened. “When Life throws you lemons, catch em so they don’t hit you in the f*cking face,” he wrote.

And some fans are now looking to sister Bella Hadid’s social media account for clues. Bella, also a model, has over 17 million followers and knows how to handle a public breakup (she famously split from The Weeknd in 2016 after almost two years of dating).

Bella posted something slightly cryptic to her Insta account yesterday, and it could be a supportive message to Gigi.

The post features her lounging on a couch in a simple white tee, with the caption, “I’ll be Right here.”

As Bella and Gigi are close, we have a feeling that Gigi may be leaning on Bella for support right now. Breakups are hard, especially when they happen in the spotlight. While we know things are probably super complicated, we love Zayn’s parting words to Gigi and know they’re from the heart.

We want nothing but the best for both of them, and hope they’re doing okay!