We can’t believe it — New Girl is ending next week with two back-to-back episodes. This season brought us an engagement, a baby on the way, and the introduction of Schmidt and Cece’s adorable daughter Ruth. And from what we can tell from this behind-the-scenes table read of the last episode, even more good things are on the way.

To celebrate their seven extraordinary years, the creators behind New Girl released a video as a thank you to fans. But we have to warn you — if you love the show as much as we do, you might want to grab a few tissues just in case.

Hugs are exchanged before and after the cast gathers for episode 7:08, which is the 146th episode of the series. The ep appears to begins as the gang is getting ready to move out of the loft (which is hard to believe, because it seriously feels like Jess found the guys a mere few weeks ago).

The cast and crew thanked the fans, but TBH, it’s US who feel like we should be thanking THEM for seven years of greatness.

And here’s a glimmer of good news: The cast (or, most of the cast) has already met up at least once since filming ended. On May 9th, Zooey Deschanel posted a picture of the gang together, noting that Lamorne Morris was very much missed.

We hope Prank Sinatra is able to meet up with them next time.

We’re not ready for it to end, but we’ll be there when it does. The final two episodes of New Girl, titled “The Curse of the Pirate Bride” and “Engram Pattersky,” will air on Tuesday, May 15th on FOX.