Trilby Beresford
Updated Mar 31, 2017 @ 12:16 pm
Credit: Kelly Funk/Getty Images

Everyone has their phobias, but it’s pretty common to NOT want to be stung by bees. Which is why our blood pressure shot up when we heard that a swarm of bees attacked Major League baseball players at spring training game at the Peoria Sports Complex in Arizona.

All the action had to stop as the guys lay down on the field to avoid getting stung, In the video footage, you can hear the commentators say that it resembles a “nuclear bomb drill,” and they’re not far off. Apparently bees have been known to cause delays before, so players were prepared. But still…BEES!

Yeah, no one wants to be in this sticky situation!

via giphyFrom the sounds of it, the guys were able to dodge the bees and everyone escaped safely. Phew!

After the incident, Popular Science wrote about why these bees attacked a baseball game, noting the simple (and totally harmless) reason why they were there at that particular time.

“Bees only swarm when their hives get overcrowded, so really they’re just trying to find a new home.” They went on to explain how bees swarm during hot weather, and suggest that if you find yourself in a swarm of bees, “just stand peacefully in their midst.” The baseball players were very calm, so they knew what was up.

At any rate, we’re glad everyone’s okay (and hope the bees found their new home)!