Scarlet Meyer
September 18, 2016 12:19 pm

In what has unfortunately become a very predictable reaction to awesome women doing their own thing and being happy being themselves, a fashion model has launched a body shaming campaign against a Miss Italy contestant claiming that she is “too fat” to compete.

Cue the eyerolls.


Let’s get this out of the way, Miss Italy contestant Paola Torrente, is awesome.

The 22-year old engineering student got second place in the most recent Miss Italy pageant. That is amazing enough on it’s own, but what is even cooler is that Torrente is 5’9 and a size 14. This is hardly plus sized in real life, but as we know beauty pageants aren’t real life, and promoting unrealistic standards of beauty tends to be the norm.

However the fact that Torrente was one of the few “plus sized” women to compete and that she got second place says a lot about her beauty and talent, as well as the fact that fans clearly loved her for her own uniqueness and attitudes are changing.

And let’s be real, Torrente is just straight up beautiful. She clearly deserved to place in Miss Italy.

However, where there are awesome women kicking butt, there are haters. Croatian model, Nina Moric, 40 (best known for appearing in the Ricky Martin music video “Living La Vida Loca”) decided she needed to chime in on Torrente’s success in an Instagram rant.

Translated via The Daily Mail, Moric said things like, “You have created organizations to defend people with too much flesh”, “You have arrived to the point where we chose a Miss Italy who is too fat – and all in the name of sensitivity and acceptance of others.” And lastly, “Why don’t you start one for people who have ugly feet too?

Unfortunately instead of seeing these horrible comments for the nonsense that they are, Internet trolls soon began to join in, disparaging Torrente online.

Luckily, according to The Daily Mail, contest organizer Patrizia Mirgliani soon stepped in with a statement condemning the bullying. “Stop the stereotypes. What we want is more female models who are closer to real people.’”

Torrente has refused to comment on the controversy, only saying that, “Despite being a runner-up I feel like a winner.

This graciousness just further shows how great she is and how much she deserved her second place. Because truthfully, if Paola Torrente isn’t qualified to compete in a beauty pageant, nobody is.