Moore made it easy to fulfill the wishes of trans youths this holiday season.

Olivia Harvey
Dec 10, 2020 @ 11:29 am
indya moore
Credit: Hanna Lassen / Contributor, Getty Images

After trudging through one of the toughest years we have all collectively been through, random acts of kindness are more important now than ever before. And the Instagram account @tranSanta is making it easier than ever to make the wishes of trans youths come true. @tranSanta, founded by Pose's Indya Moore and friends, anonymously shares the stories and wish lists of trans kids and young adults so that Santas worldwide can bring a bit of holiday cheer into their lives.

"This year has been so stressful and especially for trans folks," Moore wrote in an Instagram post on their personal account, announcing the launch of @tranSanta. "Trans issues don't receive much visibility or attention unfortunately, but this year has been the most violent and deadly for my community. It has been very upsetting. So one day my eldest and one if my most beloved loved ones [Chase Strangio] and i flushed and cried About it and decided we needed to do something for the young ones."

Moore, Strangio, and friends Kyle Lasky and Pidgeon worked together to create @tranSanta, a portal where trans youths can post letters and wish lists to the public that can be fulfilled through a Target registry.

"Please consider visiting the page and reading the heartwarming lists some youth have left, if you are interested in supporting please consider becoming a Santa and filling wish lists for young trans youth in need, point trans youth to this ig, and/or ask your friends and family to get some gifts for the kids!" Moore wrote.

The process to become a Santa simple. First, head to the @tranSanta Instagram page and scroll through the heartfelt notes left by trans youths in need of aid this holiday season. Some have given a bit of backstory whereas others have simply left a list of things that would really turn their day around if they received them in the mail.

If you'd like to donate to a specific poster, you can click the link in the @tranSanta bio and find the specific post in the pop up page. When you click the post, you'll be transferred to the Target registry where items have been reserved for that specific poster. There is where you can purchase those items (just be sure to tick the "recipient's address" box when checking out to ensure the gift doesn't arrive to your own home.

The @tranSanta Instagram page has an FAQ Story posted under their bio which answers any clarifying questions you may have about the registry.

Items needed and wanted range from fun things like video games and stuffed animals to necessities for a new living situation like a rice cooker and silverware.

If you are a trans youth or young adult who would like to submit a letter and/or wish list to @tranSanta, you can do so by contacting Moore and their friends at before December 18th.

Each Target registry will show you which items have already been purchased for the recipient and which items have yet to be checked off the list.

Yes, this year has been hard for all of us. But for trans youths especially, in many situations, 2020 has dealt them an even more troubling hand. Luckily, we can help with the simplest of gestures. A small gift can mean a lot.