Sophy Ziss
February 27, 2018 10:49 am

Today in OMG, Barbra Streisand revealed that two of her dogs are clones. Not only that, but she has trouble telling the clones apart! Her two Coton du Tulears — white, fluffy balls of fur that literally get up on their hind legs to dance — are both clones of her beloved late dog, Samantha.

Oh, Babs. You icon, you.

Streisand revealed that she was devastated by the loss of Samantha in 2017. That’s understandable! Losing a pup after 14 years together is enough to break anyone’s heart. But Barbra Streisand isn’t just *anyone*. Before letting Samantha go for good, Babs had a few cells removed from her pal’s mouth and stomach, according to Variety. She sent them away, and received two healthy, happy clones of Samantha. Oh, and then she couldn’t tell them apart. A classic hazard of having cloned house pets, amirite?

The two adorable new friends are named Miss Scarlett and Miss Violet.

Upon first arriving, Babra Streisand dressed them in colorful sweaters to know which pup is which. Is this the greatest news story of the day, or of a lifetime? Is both an acceptable answer? The Streisand home is rounded out by a third dog, whom the singing legend named Miss Fanny. (Miss Fanny’s mother was named Funny Girl by their breeder, and Funny Girl just *happens* to be one of Streisand’s most famous roles. Try not to faint.)

Oddly enough, she is not the first person to do this. The cloning process has existed for years, and first made international headlines when tabloid icon Joyce McKinney traveled to China to have it performed several times over. It’s super-expensive, obvs, and it’s okay to feel a little weird about it. But Barbra Streisand lives a happy, full life with her wonderful dog clones, and that’s all that matters.

Also, if you wonder just how identical they really are, check her social media! They’re all over it, and TBH, they’re so cute that you’ll probably want a clone (or three) for yourself.