Barack Obama
Credit: Getty Images

Restaurants are a kind of paradise for many people, but it seems no one loves dining out more than our former POTUS. On Sunday, March 25th, Barack Obama ate dinner at Piggy Smalls, a restaurant in Hawaii (literally paradise), and in a photo shared by the restaurant, Obama has seriously never looked happier.

According to Frolic Hawaii, Obama — plus his entourage, security detail, and a friend — stopped in to grab dinner, and it seems like they really chowed down.

The site says the group ate several dishes, including, “Laotian fried chicken wings, twice fried, with roasted peanuts, fried shallots and kaffir lime leaves, Ahi tataki on Spanish toast with garlic, shoyu, tomato, avocado, roasted akule marinated in caramelized curry with coconut slaw and tomato orange vinaigrette, and Lilikoi semifreddo cake with sugar-cured yolk, roasted strawberries, micro shiso and cornflake and mac nut crumble.”

And on top of all of that, there was a wonton soup and a Burmese salad. With a menu like that, it’s no wonder that Alex Le, whose family owns the restaurant, said Obama thought the meal was “outstanding.”

All delicious food aside, we’re having a hard time deciding what’s better: how happy Obama looks, or the fact that there’s a restaurant out there called Piggy Smalls. It might be a toss up, actually.

And honestly, there’s only one thing that matters about that night. Can we talk about the GIANT smile on Obama’s face in this picture?

“The man can pack it in.” Um, that’s our kind of guy.

We know that Obama’s having a great time living a life of leisure in presidential retirement, but if he ever gets bored of taking vacations and eating at Hawaiian restaurants with punny names, he can always feel free to come back to Washington and save America at any time. We know our government has a two-term limit, but we miss him so much.