Anna Sheffer
Updated Apr 05, 2019 @ 10:33 am

Former president Barack Obama is America’s Dad for a reason. He loves inspirational messages, corny jokes, and yes—the occasional dad sweater. But he’s, of course, an actual dad—and he just revealed that he still can get daughters Sasha (17) and Malia (20) to travel with him…for a hilariously relatable reason. SFGate reports that Obama recently sat down for an interview at the World Travel and Tourism Global Summit in Seville, Spain. When the topic of traveling with his kids came up, he said,

LOL. Way to blow up their spot.

The 44th president also shared some of the amazing places they’ve visited as a family.

This is officially making our hearts melt…and reminding us to ask our parents if they have any vacations coming up.