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Updated Nov 06, 2018 @ 12:17 pm
Credit: Mark Makela/Getty Images

Barack Obama is here to remind voters: Do nut give up! The former president was greeted with a roaring round of applause at a Wexton field office in Fairfax County, Virginia, on Monday, November 5th, when he surprised a group of hard-working volunteers and campaign staffers with boxes of Sugar Shack donuts. And the sweet treats were “especially approved” by his wife and former first lady Michelle Obama.

“She knows all of you have been working so hard,” Obama told the group of 60 people, as seen in video shared by ABC News. The former commander-in-chief was visiting the offices of Senator Tim Kaine and Jennifer Wexton, the Democratic candidate running in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. false

“You’ve been moving, so you’re allowed to have a little, little treat,” Obama added before Kaine joked, “Either this crowd likes you or they like donuts.”

In addition to bringing donuts, Obama gave out some words of encouragement. “You vote, you might save a life; that’s pretty rare when that happens… The character of this country is on the ballot,” he said, according to a video from CBS News. “Who we are is on the ballot. What kind of politics we expect is on the ballot. How we conduct ourselves in public life is on the ballot. How we treat other people is on the ballot.”

Describing the “great awakening” across the country, Obama explained that people who “were taken for granted,” including women and minorities, have made “certain strides and certain progress.” He added, “Of course women are treated with respect. Of course, we’re not gonna judge people based on their skin color or last name. Of course we’re gonna expect basic decency and honesty and straight talk from folks in high office.”