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Apparently students can now show too much leg by wearing pants that, um, completely cover their legs.

The New Hanover County School Board in New Hanover County, North Carolina, is receiving a lot of opinions from people all across Twitter after proposing a ban on leggings, and then asking students for their thoughts. false

The school district’s potentially new dress code, AKA #Policy8520, proposes a ban on “leggings, ‘skinny jeans‘ or other excessively tight-fitting pants unless covered by a top or dress to the appropriate length.” And not just pants — “Dresses, skirts, skorts and similar garments must meet the same criteria as put forth above.”

But what’s an appropriate length? One that “cover[s] the posterior area in its entirety,” according to the proposal.

So basically students will only be able to wear tight pants if their butts are covered by something other than pants.

The proposal was suggested by faculty members who just couldn’t tolerate the current dress code any longer. “We got some input from some of our principles asking for some support,” New Hanover County School Board spokesperson Valita Quattlebaum told CNN. “And the board decided to explore a policy that would help them.”

While we understand certain dress codes in schools if uniforms are enforced, this one just doesn’t make sense to us. All students should be allowed to wear what is comfortable for them to sit through seven hours of classes each day. And, we’re talking about pants here.

Both student and parents responded on Twitter, and their opinions make total sense (some of those opinions are longer than 140 characters). Our fave response? “I think it’s a no from everyone…thanks tho!”

We hope the school board pays attention to the feedback and recognizes that these student comments are right: Let’s pay more attention to learning, and less attention to what kind of pants people are wearing. false false false false false false false false false false false