Briana Hansen
Updated Dec 13, 2016 @ 3:36 pm
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Paradise Soroui is a musical badass. And not just because she has a hauntingly beautiful voice. Despite the fact that she receives regular threats, she continues to make her voice heard through her powerful music.

Paradise Soroui is Afghanistan’s first female rapper.

She recognizes that her role as an artist is a dangerous one. But, she continues to face her fears and create music. And Paradise doesn’t hold back on how much she expresses herself in each one of her songs. She makes sure every video is packed with moving lyrics and powerful visuals to get her message across.

Paradise is both a rapper and singer. She represents a totally different voice than the stereotypical woman in Afghanistan. And her music has gotten her into a lot of trouble, as she explained to The Guardian.

Paradise has been beaten and threatened for her voice. But she doesn’t let anything stop her.

Because her popularity skyrocketed her into the spotlight, she had to flee from Afghanistan for her own safety.

She and her fiancé, Diverse, constantly create music with their 143 Band that tells their story. They even have a documentary about Paradise’s challenges as a female rapper in Afghanistan that will play all over European film festivals.

We are so inspired by Paradise and the bravery it takes to continue to make your voice heard no matter what the circumstances. We will keep listening to and supporting this amazing woman as she continues to change the world.