Lauren Saccone
Updated Jan 11, 2018 @ 2:01 pm

We love books. Whether it’s a new release or an old classic, we’re all in favor of people reading more. So naturally we have a soft spot when it comes to people sharing pictures of their beloved bookshelves. However, there’s a new design trend that’s giving us serious pause. It involves putting books on your bookshelves backwards. As in, the spine of the book goes in first, and you don’t see the title when it sits on the shelf.

The questionable backwards bookshelves trend has been steadily picking up steam on interior design blogs. Those on the cutting edge of decor have thoroughly embraced the concept of setting up bookshelves backwards. Minimalists apparently love how it looks, making your beloved reading material look sleek and simple. It can also theoretically provide a nice contrast to a busy room.

While many maintain this particular trend can soothe anxiety and keep your home looking beautifully understated, not everybody’s a fan (aka: US).

While some may say it looks cool (and we can’t argue with that — you do you!), it’s not especially practical. After all, you can’t see any of the book titles. Without some sort of system in place to keep track of your reading material, you’re in for some serious frustration.

And some of us (*raises hand*) might find backwards books downright anxiety-inducing. Our impulse is to “fix” every single book on that shelf. Sorry, not sorry.

So yes, putting your books on bookshelves backwards can potentially look cool and minimalist. But we’ll stick to keeping our books the normal way, thanks.

What are your thoughts?