Ask the Backstreet Boys what they want, what they really really want, and they’ll all tell you the exact same thing — to be the Spice Girls. They wanted to be the iconic pop girl group so bad that they went ahead and spiced up their tour, and traded their usual all-white ensemble for wigs, sky-high platforms, and tight Union Jack dresses. And let me tell you, they nailed the looks down to a tee, it made us scream zig-ah-zig-ah — whatever that means.

“Celebrating all of the girl power that’s kept us going for 25 years,” the group wrote on Instagram.

Proudly referring to themselves as the “Spice Boys,” the band hit the stage aboard their BSB cruise all dressed up as their Spice Girl alter egos. As the youngest member of the gang, Nick Carter donned a baby pink mini dress, to channel Baby Spice; AJ McLean sported leopard print coordinates to emulate Scary Spice; and Kevin Richardson rocked a black bob, sunglasses, and an all-black jumpsuit to mirror Posh Spice.

Meanwhile, in true Ginger Spice fashion, Howie Dorough slipped into a tight sequined Union Jack dress. You know, similar to the one Geri Halliwell wore at the 1997 BRIT Awards. And Brian Littrell paired tank tops with sweatpants to copy Sporty Spice.

Ladies and gentlemen, lo and behold, the Spice Boys!

And that’s not all! As if flawlessly pulling off the Spice Girl vibe wasn’t enough, the Backstreet Boys — or, sorry, Spice Boys —made their show larger than life and performed some of the British girl band’s greatest hits, like “Wannabe,” “Say You’ll Be There” and “Spice Up Your Life.”

Listen, if we can’t get a Spice Girls reunion, we’ll take the Spice Boys any day. Viva Forever!