Anna Gragert
May 11, 2016 4:08 pm

Considering that a person’s name is essentially their identity, we imagine that choosing a baby name is the definition of stressful. We feel for all the new parents out there who, on top of raising a child, must decide what they’re going to be called for the rest of their lives. Luckily, they can always use the Social Security Administration’s data to see what names have held their own as time goes on.

We already know what names reigned supreme during the ’90s and the 2000s, but what we don’t know is this: What names have decreased in popularity since the year 2006? The last 10 years, to be specific. Now, it’s time to find out…



Starting in 2006 (when it was most popular), the name Jacob was #1… until 2013. At this point in time, Jacob went from #1 to #3 and things got even worse as the years went on. In 2014, Jacob was taken down a notch and has stayed in the #4 position since then.


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Things went downhill early on for Emily. In 2008, this five-letter combo decreased in popularity as it went from #1 to #3. The trend continued in 2009 (went to #6), 2013 (#7), and 2015 (#8).


Michael’s descent started a year later than Emily’s. 2009 was the year this name fell from grace, going from #2 to #3. 2011 was the year Michael hit #6 and the name quickly fell to #7 in 2012. Just last year, the title was in the #9 spot.


2007 was a rough year for Madison. The name went down from #3 to #5 and, after a year passed, Madison was in the #6 spot. The name continued to go down one position in the years 2009, 2010, and 2012. In 2015, Madison went down two positions and ended up in spot #11.


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This name, in 2007, went from #5 to #9. After a year, Matthew went to #10. 2009 showed the name at #13 and then Matthew went to #16 in 2010. In both 2011 and 2012, Matthew gained some confidence and went back to position #10. Then, in 2013, the name dropped to #15 and is currently there now (after a brief stint at #16 in 2014).



By 2012, Samantha was nowhere to be seen on the list. However, before that, the name went from #10 to #12 (2007), up to #11 (2008), down to #14 (2009), down to #15 (2010), and ended up at #17 (2012) before leaving the list completely.


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Andrew started out at #7 and ended up at #10 by 2007. The name went down two notches in 2008 and went down four more in 2009. 2010 allowed the name to go up to #14, but Andrew went back down to #16 in 2011. #18 was the name’s spot in 2012 and, after that, Andrew was gone.


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Joshua and Madison fell during the same year, with this name going from #3 to #4 in 2007. In 2009, the name hit the #6 mark and, one year later, it went to #11. 2011 was when the name hit #14 and 2012 showed the name in #17. After that, Joshua disappeared from the list completely.


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By 2010, Ashley was a no-show on the list. Before then, in 2007, the name went from #12 to #13. Sadly, Ashley kept falling and ended up at #18 in 2008, #20 in 2009, and vanished after that.



Hannah’s success on the popular name list was short-lived. In 2007, the moniker dropped from #8 to #9. In just a year, Hannah went to position #17. After that, the name was gone altogether.

Who knew that names could be so complex? Now, we’re wondering, did your name appear above?