Anna Sheffer
Updated May 23, 2019 @ 11:43 am

By now, most people who are active on social media has come across body-shaming—or has maybe even experienced it themselves. But the idea of criticizing a baby for their weight takes this awfulness to a whole new level. One troll recently body-shamed Ayesha Curry’s infant son, and Curry did not stand for it (as no mother should have to).

On May 22nd, Curry shared an Instagram post in celebration of the NBA Western Conference Finals, in which her husband, Steph Curry played against his brother, Seth Curry.

In one of the three pictures, she stands next to her husband, Steph, holding their youngest child, 10-month-old Canon Curry.

Unfortunately, as seems to always be the case on social media, it didn’t take long for the trolls to roll in. One user commented on the post to ask if Curry was pregnant again, to which the Food Network host replied, “absolutely not LOL.”

Credit: Ayesha Curry/Instagram

First of all, asking a woman if she’s pregnant is rude in and of itself (please, please, stop doing this), but then another user jumped in to make judgmental comments about Canon’s weight, despite the fact that he is just a baby. The comment appears to have been deleted, but several outlets reported on the exchange.

Curry immediately clapped back—and she didn’t mince words.

It’s unimaginable that someone would make such negative comments about a child. Canon is a growing baby, and it’s up his parents to decide who to nourish him and help promote his healthy development. Keep up the good work, Ayesha.