Anna Sheffer
Updated May 09, 2019 @ 1:05 pm

It can be hard not to compare yourself to others, and pretty much everyone feels insecure at one point in their lives (slash…many points). So when fans attacked Ayesha Curry for admitting that yes—her husband’s many female fans sometime make her feel insecure—she clapped back.

On the May 6th episode of Red Table Talk, Curry explained that being married to basketball superstar Steph Curry has its challenges. In particular, she admitted that the attention he gets from women sometimes makes her uncomfortable.

She also admitted that the comparative lack of attention she feels she gets from guys adds to these feelings.

And while Curry was merely speaking her truth and explaining her personal experience, some on social media were quick to criticize her for seeking “male validation.”

Others mocked her for saying she’d occasionally like to feel attractive to men who aren’t her husband.

Yesterday, May 8th, the Food Network host addressed the backlash directly in an Instagram post.

It’s absurd that Curry is being punished for expressing vulnerability (and just a reminder: insecurity is an extremely personal issue, and it’s often a powerful force). Sometimes we feel insecure even when we “know better”…and that’s okay.

Keep speaking your truth, Ayesha. We’re positive it will help others feel less alone.