Okay, so we all know about the crucial conversation that’s going on about the gender pay gap — and how infuriating it is that women are often still paid less than their male counterparts for doing the exact same job. Yesterday, we learned that Natalie Portman made three times less (!) for No Strings Attached than costar Ashton Kutcher. Now that it’s out in the open, you were probably wondering when Kutcher was going to react to the disparity revelation. And that time is now.

In a simple tweet, Kutcher voiced his concern with the pay disparity and shared the link to an article in Marie Claire UK where Portman opened up about the issue.

As if we needed another reason to love Ashton Kutcher…but seriously, we’re so freaking proud of him for supporting his colleague and raising awareness about the shocking gender pay gap that affects so many women.

The more women who share their experiences, and the more men who listen to their words and show their support and solidarity, the closer we will get to closing the gap once and for all.

His tweet has been retweeted several hundred times already, and that number is climbing. Thanks, Ashton. You did the right thing.

via giphyAnd of course, we’re SO glad that Portman spoke out about this — because it happened in 2011 and she could have just let it slide and be forgotten. But such an important thing should never be swept under the rug, and every women must know that. Because we can win this battle together!